enthusiasts and then the Oppo a 92020 came out and when we first saw it we were quite impressed because like on paper this was a pretty reasonable pretty almost good bang for buck or post smartphone with very clear strengths over some of its competition but that smartphone had what I would call a pretty fatal flaw and that's it's screen because that is only that smartphone only had a 720p display the Oppo a 92 however fixes that and also retains a lot of what we liked from the a9 20/20 so let's start by getting these specs out of the way the Oppo a 92 actually looks pretty good on paper so at its core you'll find a snapdragon 665 processor and 8 gigs of ram as well as a hundred and twenty eight gigs of internal storage should that storage not be enough you can further expand it with a microSD card

and the good thing is this app

smartphone has a triple card slot so you can have two SIM cards as well as a micro SD card without being forced to give up one or the other now I know the Snapdragon 6:65 is kind of an old processor but back in its day it was an a mid-range to upper mid-range processor so you know you should be able to expect like decent performance but with this smartphone my experience has been a little bit different but we'll get to that a little bit later besides that this smartphone also has a really generous five thousand milliamp hour battery so that is still very big even in turn 20 and now it has support for 18 watt fast charging and it charges via USB type-c on top of that the smartphone also has a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack which I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about and then Oppo went and up the ante in the display Department because while the a9 2020s like I would say one of its biggest weaknesses was the HD plus display this smartphone now has a full HD plus display it's a 6.5 inch panel it's an IPS panel and it also has a punch hole at the top corner of the smartphone screen now obviously the screen is a lot crisper I think it has somewhere in the neighborhood of 401 pixels per inch which is good but the display itself is you know pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of like an affordable smartphone screen so it has like pretty decent viewing angles but you know it's not like like a blow your mind kind of viewing

experience so as you can probably tell there is quite a lot to like about this smartphone but my favorite feature of this device has to be these stereo speakers because at this price point it is still really really hard to find a smartphone with stereo speakers and the Oppo a 92 actually has a pretty decent pair of stereo speakers even though it is an earpiece and bottom firing speaker combination so the volume is pretty loud and it doesn't really sort of break at the high bits it doesn't sound harsh at high volumes so it's overall like I would say that this is definitely sounding better than almost any other sort of mono speaker smartphone in its class

to review a camera and that camera is this guy this is the sony 6600 on top of that it I mean it doesn't look or feel to like cheap you know it feels like I mean it feels like an affordable smartphone for sure but it still looks pretty decent so this color is a color called shining white there's another black version but I think this one definitely pops a little bit more and you know I joke ingly referred to it as like the better pop smartphone power but it definitely stands out and um you know it doesn't feel too bad in the hand it's quite organ ohmic and you know rather comfortable to hold what's more you're also getting all of those features for a price tag of 1199 ringin that is pretty reasonable considering what you're getting you know you're getting their full HD Plus display the stereo speakers and I would say a pretty good memory configuration if a gigs of RAM 128 gigs of internal storage but in my day or so time with this smart phone there were a couple of things that I was quite surprised by and some of the stuff that I'm really just not that happy about and the first thing that I want to talk about is performance so this smartphone like I said has a standard 6 65 which is like it it should be an OK processor but it does not run super well like for example when it comes to gaming I ran asphalt 9 on it and I just could not get like a steady smooth frame rate it didn't matter if it was in high graphics default graphics or if it was even in the low or performance centric graphics and things I just could not get it to run smoothly and that is quite

disappointing because like even

affordable smartphones on like mediatek helio G 80s like they could still run at a smooth frame rate whereas this smartphone just did not work for me I guess it is kind of playable but it is not an experience that I would say mobile gamers would be happy with the good news is that my colleague on it he tells me that it can run top G and call duty mobile on like medium to low settings but if you crank it up to high then it's gonna suffer the same

framerate issues but if you're talking about

like browsing the web or scrolling through the menus like that is still okay it is not quite as responsive as I would have liked it to be but you know overall the new color OS your eye on built on top of Android 10 it still is pretty good and it's an experience that I would still say is relatively smooth I don't however like the position of the fingerprint scanner so I've said this before you know I don't like

side-mounted fingerprint scanners but as a fingerprint scanner itself like if you don't mind the side mounted ones in terms of like speed of unlocking it is okay it is not quite as snappy as some of the best in its class but it is definitely not really really slow or super inaccurate


now though it's time to talk about the camera because at the back this

smartphone actually has a quad camera setup so you've got a 48 megapixel main wide-angle camera as well as an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and then 2 2 megapixel depth sensors and photos from the camera look they look okay for an affordable smartphone but they're definitely again not best of its class if they like the photos are kind of soft they'll get exposure really well they handle highlights and shadows pretty well but the overall detail the level of detail isn't super high so the photos end up looking a little bit soft now in the camera itself there are a couple of preset zoom ranges from 1x all the way to 5x but I would not recommend that you use zooming on this smartphone because when you punch in the drop in quality is very noticeable the same goes for the ultra wide-angle camera where the photos look kind of like you know it has the same sort of security camera syndrome but once the going gets dark and you start shooting in low-light I mean the camera just falls apart but then again this is pretty similar or rather most smartphones in this price range tends to suffer from that and this smartphone does have a dedicated night mode but the weird thing is that it has a crop factor so it crops in a little bit on your image and it's also really really noisy

the 16 megapixel selfie camera front door that is not bad and there is also my favorite sort of one button to clear or beautification so yeah that's I guess that's a plus side obviously this smartphone also does 4k video recording with the rear camera and it also supports electronic image stabilization now with all that being said would I recommend this smartphone well I mean if you compare it across the board there are devices that have more sort of value for money more performance per ringgit and you know those are devices like sound means new redmi note 9 series as well as the real me 6 series you know those smartphones are more affordable or they come with more better

specifications and you know more features the way I see this smartphone will probably be the closest competitor to Samsung's Galaxy a series probably the a 51 would be most similar in terms of like pricing and what you get for it and when you compare it across like that you know this does have its advantages for example those stereo speakers because almost all the other smartphones that I've mentioned in this price category do not have stereo speakers that sound like these but if it's going hit to hit with the Samsung Galaxy a 51 you have to remember that the a 51 has Samsung pay which is you know a unique ecosystem feature that you will not find on this smartphone

so it is a little bit tricky to evaluate whether this smart phone is for you or not if you want a big battery if you want stereo speakers then you know this is a pretty decent smart phone plus Oppo has made the right move in upgrading the screen which is something that I hope that they will take moving forward with more of their affordable devices so well I think that was definitely heading in the right direction with their affordable mid-range smartphones I still think that it doesn't quite compete with some of the other devices in its price range in terms of like you know

performance per in get standpoint but like I said it definitely has its own standout features like those stereo speakers so if you're someone who really cares about that more than raw price raw power purring it then this could be an interesting option for you but yeah that's it those are my thoughts on the Opel a92 of course I'd love to hear your thoughts too so make sure to leave