like I said the fine XT Pro is one good-looking phone it has a refreshing design with its unusual vegan leather back in a time when phones are often difficult to tell apart this is

certainly one to consider if you like to stand out it's thicker than most phones out there but in the hand it doesn't seem that way and it feels quite light the phone has some of the best haptic feedback we've experienced and the optical fingerprint reader on the front is fast and accurate in general the fine x2 pro is more comfortable to use in the original find X and with the faux leather back you also don't have the feeling that the phone will slip out of your hands

even if it does it has Gorilla Glass 6 and ip68 rated protection there's a triple camera setup on the back and it does stick out so there will be some wobble if you use it on a desk on the front you'll find practically

non-existent bezels and a hole punch it's one of the smallest we've seen but it still might annoy some people that's that if you don't mind it then the 6.7 inch AMOLED is nothing short of

excellent you can set it to a full qHD resolution and enjoy the glorious smoothness that the hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate provides the findings to pro also has an auto option which allows the optimization of the screen settings with less cost - battery life contrast is practically perfect in brightness is impressive we measured 536 and it's of brightness in manual mode and up to 871 in auto mode colors are factory calibrated in the findings - pro provides exemplary color accuracy if that's what you're aiming for as far as the other side of media consumption there is no headphone jack which is no surprise but there are stereo speakers they scored very good loudness and our tests and as a whole audio quality was in the same level as a Galaxy S 20 ultra and the iPhone 11 pro


with its 4260 million power battery the phone scored 88 hours in her battery life test when it had the 120 Hertz refresh rate turned on when we switched it the 60 Hertz endurance increased in 96 hours which was good but not

impressive what was incredibly

impressive was what happened when the battery dropped to zero the phone charges from zero to one hundred and thirty six minutes the fine x2 Pro is powered by a Snapdragon 865 chipset and twelve gigs of ram it easily handles everything you throw at it and most importantly it handles sustained load with grace and pretty much never gets warm so the find x2 pro has fantastic hardware but how's the software well it's sports killer OS 7.1 on top of Android ten which means plenty of customization and options it's nicely optimized all the same so even with all the options you won't feel a slowdown you can choose between having an app tour or not you can adjust the speed of app animations and there's even dark mode that you could apply to everything including apps that don't natively have a dark version design wise it looks a little different from previous color west versions for example the

notification shade now has rounded squares and a green accent there are also three options for navigation including the classic buttons oboes gestures and Android 10 gestures which we found the most comfortable now one of the most competitive elements of any flagship is the camera setup the fine x2 Pro has three cameras on the back and all three really pack a punch there's a periscope lens with a 13 megapixel sensor that gives you 5 times optical zoom a 48 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 48 megapixel main sensor the main camera has a very large sensor it's almost as big as the galaxy s 20 ultras 108 megapixel imager it's also got class-leading autofocus and dual native ISO meaning the sensor gain is applied differently depending on available light we'll have a dedicated camera review with more info and tests about the find x2 Pro image quality the fine x2 pro takes detailed and natural photos during the day there's no noise and colors are a bit muted in comparison to most phones oversaturated output

the Oshawott camera is good across the board and has the same properties as the main cam in terms of colors dynamic range and contrast in general this ultra wide camera really delivered a fine x2 prost hella photo camera offers five times optical zoom images were detailed though noisy colors were livelier and warmer than those taking on the main sensor at night regular images have excellent dynamic range even without night mode colors are well preserved but the phone tends to make light sources a little cooler than they actually are in details look a little plasticy with night mode on the phone takes longer to capture images and shadows are further lifted there isn't much of a drop in detail with the ultra wide camera there's even less of a difference between the regular low-light shots and night mode ones we like the wide dynamic range and good tonal development but images were a little soft and once again the color is skewed towards blue at five times zoom there's a chance that the phone will use the actual telephoto but if it senses that the environment is too dark for that once again you'll get bad cropped shots from the main camera the fine x2 pro can record 4k video at 60fps stabilization is available but there's no way of turning it off videos have good detail levels but not quite as high as a galaxy s 20 ultras at five times zoom you should stick to 4k at 30fps because otherwise the footage comes out of the main camera and looks

substantially worse the ocean wide camera captured some really nice 4k at 30fps video though it had some pretty aggressive sharpening the 32 megapixels selfie camera that you find in the tiny hole punch on the front of the phone produced detailed images when the light was plenty the fine x2 Pro is an impressive phone it's got an amazing screen in same fast charging and a very unique design even the cameras can stand up to the competition which in this case is Samsung's flagships that Oppo is reaching a point where they can rival Samsung says a whole lot about the company's efforts and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're gonna do in the future in any case the Phoenix dubrow comes at quite the price premium but if you can stomach that then this is definitely one of the best high in flagship sight you can get at the moment and you definitely won't go wrong with it