the real Mystics Pro has finally arrived in the Philippines promising to be the one to get within the series if your usage is more camera oriented this is because it's got a total of six cameras four at the back and two in front but with a price close to 20,000 pesos does this make it worth it

let's find out the real miss X Pro has a premium look and feel to it thanks to the cool lightning design across the back the edges are curved nicely towards the sides and up front the bezels around the display are slim it's fairly large coming at 6.6 inches which is only negligibly bigger than their give me sixes display it also comes with a dual punch hole camera design in the front which I don't think I've seen personally since the samsung galaxy s 10 plus so I guess it's cool to see again it's also greatly appreciated that the front panel is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 the left side houses the triple card tray with slots for two nano SIM cards and one micro SD card which is nice the volume controls are also placed here on the right we have the power button that also serves as the fingerprint scanner I like that it's positioned closer to the middle of the frame making it easier to reach an important aspect for a side mounted fingerprint scanner at the bottom we have the headphone jack main microphone USB C port and loudspeaker checking out the back it's just as protected as the front thanks to the use of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as well the surface although it comes with a great design is highly reflective and it's a huge dust and smudge magnet here's the back we find the quad rear camera module and LED flash moving on to the display we get a 6.6 inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution 2400 by 1080 or equal to 399 PPI colors are nice and vibrant viewing angles are great though the maximum brightness is not as high as we expected it to be for a forum of this caliber like the real me 6 the pros display also comes with a smooth 90 Hertz refresh rate so brightness aside using the real mystics Pro is enjoyable for scrolling through the new eye and social media it's very smooth also 90 Hertz at this price point is quite uncommon so for right now it's

Steele the real me sex pro comes with four rear cameras a 64 megapixel main 8 megapixel ultra wide 12 megapixel telephoto and a 2 megapixel macro lens this is a super versatile setup that gives you options for almost every situation this is definitely the remix Pro strongest selling point and the quality for the rear cameras under good lighting doesn't disappoint colors are nice and vibrant with sharp details the ultra wide lens gives a great field of view and the 10x zoom from the telephoto lens actually isn't that bad low-light shots are also a strong point for the real music's pro you do lose a tiny bit of detail and saturation but shots in the dark appear brighter than they actually are the light mode is also pretty good evening out the exposure and raising the shadows while reducing noise for selfies the Loomis X Pro comes with two front-facing cameras a 16 megapixel main and an 8 megapixel ultra ride again versatility is key here but it doesn't disappoint either in providing good detailed selfies with good skin tones the real Mystics pros cameras and other features are a strong selling point which will definitely appeal to users looking for a relatively inexpensive phone that can provide great image quality and versatility

now power in very nice X Pro is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G of the core CPU and an Adreno 6 1/8 GPU for RAM only one option is available in the

Philippines which is 80 gigabytes this setup provides great performance which is made out to be even smoother when you take advantage of the 90 Hertz refresh rate the Snapdragon 720 G and ethica bytes of RAM can handle any task you throw no matter how many this includes playing heavy graphics games of course our benchmark scores show similar results that are standard release 6 which is touted as more of a gaming smartphone so if you decide to go for the pro model it can definitely game as well running these software department is really UI based on Android 10 it's a clean and pretty UI that's easy to navigate and comes to the latest

features such as system colors

animations new wallpapers icon

customization system-wide dark mode to name a few now for battery the real me 6 pro packs a 4,300 million our capacity which is great considering you'll be using this phone for lots of photos particularly and also the cheap

secondhand lots of gaming so that too the battery can easily last you a whole day of moderate usage with some juice left for the night in the PC mark work 2.0 battery test wielded a score of 13 hours and one minute that's a pretty good result that indicates this charging from zero to 100% only takes less than one hour thanks to the 30 watt flash charge the real musics Pro is a great device for a particular type of person specifically someone who takes lots of photos and needs a lot of camera

features for 16,000 measure 90 pesos 3000 pesos more than the 80 gigabyte ram variant of the real me 6 you're getting an additional rear telephoto and fertile to ride cameras a more premium glass back panel with a lightning design and a different chipset that performs almost the same as 3 min success chipset don't get me wrong while I do acknowledge the real me 6 pro does have an audience and it's an amazing phone furl provides in performance battery life display and especially camera quality I think most people are just better off with the standard really 6 you still get great performance battery life fast charging and of course you still get that really smooth 90 Hertz display that again at this price point is a steal but that wraps it up for our full review of the real mystics Pro