Hello friends 
last week vivo announced that its vivo  x50 lineup is arriving to global markets in the middle of this lineup is the vivo x50 pro

and it's the only one of the three with vivo's new gimbal stabilized camera it's a middle range smartphone with 5g support a 90hz display

and an in-display scanner but is it the one that you should buy

i'm ricky with gsm marina and this is our review of the vivo x50 pro 

in terms of design there's nothing particularly unique about the looks of the x50 pro

although it has a very conventional design vivo has managed it well the phone feels thin and light for its size and its ergonomics are great it's curvy both on the front with the screen's curved edges

and the matte glass on the back does taper in as well

both panels of the glass curve into the thin metal frame
the matte gradient finish of this alpha gray model does help with the grip and hides fingerprints speaking of which the x50 pro's got an under display fingerprint scanner

which is fast and accurate the detection area of the sensor is

on the small side so you'll have to hit it just right

meanwhile there's a 32 megapixel selfie camera at the upper left corner of the screen

at the bottom is a dual sim tray though there's no slot for a micro sd card so do keep that in mind next to that is a usb

c port and loudspeaker

the x50 pro does not have a headphone jack but the bottom is flat enough for the phone to stand up on its own if that's worth anything the phone feels solid and well built

but sadly isn't officially ip rated for water resistance

the x50 pro has a 6.56 inch amoled screen

with curved edges the screen supports hdr 10 plus content

in full hd plus resolution which makes out to 398 pixels per inch this screen supports a 90 hertz refresh rate and a 180 hertz touch refresh rate for a more responsive experience in our brightness tests we managed about 500 nits of max brightness it's able to keep up even outside in bright sunlight

color reproduction of the screen is pretty good as well

with some tuning though it can be very color accurate in both

srgb and dci p3 color spaces if you're into that sort of thing in case you were wondering about battery life

the x50 pro has a 4300 milliamp hour battery

and it managed to get some decent battery scores totaling 88 hours overall lasting more than 12 hours in our web test and over 16 hours on the video playback test

the included flash charge adapter outputs 33 watts

and can recharge the battery to 55 in half an hour

and it reached a fully charged battery in an hour and 10 minutes the x50 pro comes with a snapdragon 765g chipset bringing support for 5g networks that's paired with 8 gigabytes of ram and it will come in either 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage performance is what you'd expect from a premium mid-range phone

dependable and reliable everyday performance capable of running games smoothly

but if you're after more horsepower the x50 pro's price point

is dangerously close to some other high-end performers

out of the box the x50 pro comes loaded with fun touch ui 10.5

over android 10. the skin has come a long way

and although it's still a heavily customized skin

the interface is generally less cluttered and most of the elements that mimicked ios

are now gone you can fully customize the look of the ui

with themes from the dedicated store it lets you change the icons fonts color schemes and transition effects of the ui

there's the ultra game mode which controls game centric features like notifications and screen recording and there's a frame rate priority setting that works with supported games the entire ui looks great and feels smooth in 90 frames per second we're happy to see that fun touch is shedding its desire

to be an ios copycat and provides a more android-like experience

finally we arrive to the main attraction the quad camera setup

that big honking camera is the gimbal stabilized

48 megapixel sensor then there's an eight megapixel five times periscope zoom camera a 13 megapixel two times telephoto portrait camera and an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera the main camera is stabilized on vivo's new micro gimbal system

according to vivo it can mechanically correct up to three times more movement than a traditional ois system

using a dual ball suspension and electromagnetic induction to compensate for extra movement we'll let you know how well it shoots video but first let's take a look at the still image quality

daylight shots on the main camera are generally good

they excel in all aspects except resolve detail

which we expect it to be a little better otherwise

images provide great contrast and dynamic range

along with vibrant colors noise is kept low

and sharpness is not aggressive meanwhile the ultra wide shots are not as splendid as the ones from the main camera

although they do have nice contrast and accurate colors

sharpness isn't there and neither are the resolve details

the two times zoom portrait camera does as well as the main camera in colors dynamic range and contrast but with average resolve details

for the most part they look just fine this camera is meant for portraits and the ones we got with it

generally looked great subject separation is

mostly accurate with nice skin tones and a generous helping of software beautification

meanwhile the 5x periscope camera can take some nice shots

even though it won't match huawei's long zoom cameras

details and contrast are not bad while colors stay true to life

now thanks to the added stabilization of the gimbal setup

the main camera does particularly well in low lit environments

even without using night mode using a 1 8 second shutter speed handheld is no problem for this phone

these low-lit shots are excellent there's plenty of detail and exposure with lively colors and great contrast even very darkly lit scenes turned out nicely

that said night mode photos are even better

shots do take about three seconds to capture but the gimbal stabilizer and a steady hand produce some of the nicest night mode shots we've seen much of the noise is gone and exposures are better balanced color saturation even looks better

and more accurate

there's a bright triple led flash which illuminated the scene

very well this will capture more colors and details at night

the front facing 32 megapixel selfie camera took standard shots they look generally okay and if you aren't in ideal lighting

the quality just drops we wish selfies were a bit sharper

and more detailed but at least the colors were spot on

the x50 pro's video mode can capture up to 4k resolution at

60 frames per second with its main gimbal stabilized camera

4k video at 30 frames per second does look a bit

soft but still has enough detail great colors and contrast

4k at 30 frames is electronically stabilized

but 4k 60 frame video isn't and therefore looks

sharper and has a wider field of view we're very happy with the quality contrast lack of noise and sharpness of this 4k

video at 60 frames so how well does this camera stabilize

video it's pretty good when walking and running

but not exactly the jaw dropping result we were expecting

well we compared it against the iphone 11 pro max

recording at the same resolution and we found that the

iphone stabilized video better in regular

walking around footage

there's also a more aggressive stabilization mode that combines the gimbal

with the electronic image stabilization called ultra stable mode

it crops a narrower frame out of the sensor and only records in 1080p so where does that leave us with this phone

the x50 pro has a lot going for it it's got nice premium feeling hardware a bright and sharp amoled screen and the software

fun touch ui has significantly improved it's a great phone for streaming and playing games

and it supports 5g networks the micro gimbal stabilizer surprised us but not in the way that we thought when shooting video

there are other phones with ois and eis that work

just as well or even better but where the stabilizer shined

is in photography especially low light photos

which were outstanding thanks to this gimbal

is putting gimbals on smartphones gonna catch on

maybe but it might take a couple more iterations for the tech to get some real polish

outside of the camera the vivo x50 pro might be a hard sell at its current price

of more than 600 5g is definitely pushing mid-range prices

up but this one lacks increased water resistance

and battery life could be a little better vivo has strived to make up for that

with a premium build and high refresh rate screen

but if you're not after 5g in particular or